What people say

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“I love Rachel’s Pilates! It’s great that it’s not the same every week as she uses a variety of things to help strengthen and tone different areas. I particularly like using the soft balls and can do similar exercises at home. Rachel always talks us through the different moves and checks we are doing them right. I have had a lot of back problems in the past but Rachel’s Pilates has really helped me strengthen my core and I have had no back pain since I started. I would really recommend Rachel’s Pilates!”

“Having done no exercise for years and having had two children, I was quite nervous starting Pilates. The improvement in my balance and strength has been noticeable and although the classes are challenging you can take each exercise at your own pace.”

“I have really enjoyed Rachel’s Pilates classes. They are ever varied and I emerge from a class feeling as though I have just had an expensive osteopathy treatment.”

“I started Rachel’s Pilates classes after advice from my Physio while recovering from double prolapsed disks. Having had the injury for around 18 months I had tried various forms of physio and recovery exercises but found Pilates has helped better than most of them. The stretching and strengthening has definitely eased my back pain and made me more flexible, as well as aiding my return to other forms of exercise. The classes are fun and well structured, with each exercise having various degrees of difficulty to suite beginners or experts alike. Rachel runs the courses in a fun and friendly manner and is always on hand to guide you in the right direction – even if you are a bit wonky like me!!”

“I’d done quite a bit of Pilates before I met Rachel. Compared to other teachers I’ve had she is certainly a good teacher and adapts all the exercises to an appropriate for each individual in the class.”

“Rachel’s Pilates classes are really excellent. She provides a wide variety of exercises introducing new ones every week to maintain enthusiasm as well as to exercise different parts of the body. Her teaching style is friendly and encouraging as well as very well informed. I can highly recommend these classes to all who want worthwhile exercise in a fun environment.”

“I would highly recommend Rachel’s Pilates. Her classes are varied and there’s a relaxed atmosphere. I like her unique style – she works you hard but still at your own pace…and also explains as she goes so you can try and make sense of what your body is doing.”