Pre & Postnatal classes: times, locations and booking

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It was through my own pregnancies and during my recovery that I really discovered the amazing benefits that Pilates can bring.

I am fully trained in pre and postnatal fitness and a member of the Guild of Pregnancy & Postnatal Exercise Instructors. I am able to offer safe, carefully designed courses to help you during and after your pregnancy. The classes are fun, a great way to meet other mothers and will do wonders for your overall conditioning and mental outlook.

About these classes

Evidence from the American Association for Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) shows that people who exercise regularly throughout their pregnancy have shorter more gentle births, recover quicker and return to their pre pregnancy fitness faster.

Pilates is a perfect form of exercise during and after your pregnancy – both for you and your growing baby. Pilates helps maintain and improve the condition of both your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates will not place strain on the joints or back but will in fact strengthen the back, the stomach and the muscles around the pelvic area – allowing for an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery. Exercises can be adapted at each stage of pregnancy to allow for gentler or more focused exercise. You will work on posture and alignment, breathing techniques and relaxation as well.

Prenatal Pilates

Rachel’s Pilates prenatal courses address postural changes and demands throughout each trimester. I will work with you to set a foundation in deep abdominal strength to support your baby. Pilates is suitable to continue with right up until the birth but the pace will adapt as your pregnancy progresses and the focus of classes will change as the birth approaches. We will work on and preparing your body for your birthing experience and beyond.

If you are new to Pilates you can start any time after 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Practising Pilates whilst pregnant will help you:

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscle control to prevent incontinence and aid in labour.
  • Improve postural awareness
  • Strengthen abdominal and gluteal muscles to support and stabilise the pelvis and spine.
  • Stretch spinal and upper limb muscles to relieve tension
  • Aid relaxation and advise on positions of relaxation
  • Maintain effective circulation to aid with swelling
  • Incorporate positions for labour into your exercise programme

Prenatal courses are currently available for private booking. Alternatively you can join one of my group classes.
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Postnatal Pilates

Your first step in postnatal recovery can start as early as after your 6 week check; enjoy regaining stability and strength, increase energy levels and learn techniques to support your posture and every day activities with your baby.

Postnatal Pilates will help you:

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, weakened by pregnancy, helping you overcome incontinence.
  • Retrain your abdominal muscles to help support your spine and pelvis and recover your pre-baby shape.
  • Re-educate correct postures following the natural changes in your body through pregnancy.
  • Stretch spinal and upper limb muscles to relieve tension.
  • Strengthen your upper body teaching you how to lift and hold your growing baby to avoid back problems.
  • General exercise increases the production of endorphins which make you feel good increasing energy and reducing fatigue.


Please note: To attend any of the postnatal classes you must have been given the go-ahead by your health professional following your 6 week check (if you have had a Caesarian-section this is likely to be longer).

Bring your Baby Postnatal Pilates

I currently run a Postnatal Recovery Pilates class on Thursdays at St Matthew’s Church hall in Raynes Park which offers the opportunity for new mums to bring their babies to a class designed specifically for them! The course will mostly target strengthening of the core, fixing any abdominal separation and pelvic floor weakness. Along with that, you will work the entire body and have a good stretch so get rid of aches and stiffness.

Please bring a rug for your baby to lie on or you can always bring your buggy or car seat. There is a 25 minute window before the class so you and your baby can come earlier and get settled. The classes are an ideal place to meet other mums and exercise in a safe and effective way to get back into shape.

Class duration is 60 minutes.

If you book a course, each class is priced at £13.00

Pay-as-you-go drop in price per class £16.00

If there is a space available, it is possible to join in the middle of a course and will pay for the classes up to end of the course at a rate of £13 per class.

If, after your first class, you decide not to continue, you are entitled to a full refund for the remaining lessons of the course (drop-in price for the class taken would apply).